Monday, October 18, 2004

And before I forget: check out the new personal web page. Lots of new and old photographs along the side.

And before I forget, here are my photos of Namibia.
Wake up, old blog. Learn some new tricks. I've been putting off updating this due to a fairly busy summer and autumn (is it halloween already?). Trips to Europe, New Mexico and South Africa (see Lion's Head on Camp's Bay to your left...) during July, August, and September, also kept my head spinning so fast that reflection was barely desirable, even if possible.

Anyway, so I did a good thing for myself and others yesterday: I biked the 30-mile route of the NY MS ride. They closed down the highways surrounding Manhattan and thousands of us got up at crack-of-dawn on Sunday to brave high winds and bikers who bike like New York drivers drive.