Friday, December 31, 2004

A typical day at work

PHOBOS Counting House
Originally uploaded by entropybound.
Here I am in my ever-useful capacity of Project Manager of the PHOBOS experiment at RHIC. I'm helping Iouri, another BNL scientist, by pointing at the screen.

If anyone is curious why this post looks different than the others, it's that I've discovered Flickr and am starting to use this to post photos to Blogger. Will wonders never cease?

Of course, just when I was feeling guilty about not even thinking about trying to keep this thing even vaguely current, here I go getting invited to become a contributor to "Quantum Diaries" for the next year. In honor of the Word Year of Physics 2005 (Einstein's Really Good Year, in other words...) there will be a group of 25 of us (particle and nuclear types) who will be encouraged by their various labs to keep a weekly blog. I'm very honored to have been chosen and hope to carry the original point of this blog (a slow, digressional explanation of "what I do") to a much wider audience (or at least college kids who are interested in becoming physicists).