Saturday, May 08, 2004

Yesterday I managed to get myself to the Fountains of Wayne show at Roseland. After the opening opening band, who should there be but Evan Dando, of Lemonheads fame. My friends and I couldn't believe it: here's a geniune Rock Star of the class of 1992 with the appearance and demeanor of a subway musician. That said, there's still incredible star power there and excellent, charming songs, but an overwhelmingly self-destructive air, only reinforced by the short set of Lemonhead near-hits, giving one the feeling that 10 years can go by without lasting effect.

FOW was entertaining: a real band of professionals playing well-crafted songs. Amusingly, while they mustered a solid intensity during the whole set, one could see the fatigue set in suddenly as they rushed through "Stacy's Mom", the big hit that got them a Best New Artist Grammy (or so i'm told. Grammys pass me by these days).

Put together, they averaged out to two mildly fucked-up bands. This just clarifies just how disturbing the Dando Experience was.

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