Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mont Blanc, Revealed

This time I have a good excuse: I'm on another trip to CERN for an ATLAS week. It's been non-stop action since hitting the ground (ok, barring an 8 hour collapse after landing on sunday morning). But as I was finishing a videoconference in my colleague's office, we noticed that the clouds had parted, leaving the French Alps exposed to the sunset. Nothing else to do but run outside to capture it on film, or a memory chip. Whatever.

I should mention, however, that I have not seen Mont Blanc from the CERN site since my student days in the mid 90's. It's usually been cloudy during my short visits here. The only way to really guarantee a good view is to head southeast by car. Give me a few days...

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Leucipo said...

Can you see Les Houches from the CERN? And if so, could it be useful for some experiment?