Wednesday, March 01, 2006

John Cale in Geneva

Geneva certainly seems like a nicer place to hang out now than I remember it from 10 years ago. There are lots of excellent new restaurants and bars (e.g. Le Gout des Autres in Eaux Vives), and old standby's like L'Usine have gotten very impressive and ambitious in their offerings.

Here's a shot of a John Cale show we caught at L'Usine the night before heading back to the US. Most notable was how excellent the show was, bursting with ideas and energy (incredible especially for a guy the same age as my parents -- I hope I age as gracefully). A close second was the absolute ban on smoking, requested by Cale himself. One of the bouncers mentioned that Cale would flat-out stop if he smelled smoke. That's another serious change from 10 years ago.

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