Monday, April 24, 2006


Please don't take my silence as indications that I'm giving up. It's just been insanely busy, with trips to Chicago and Toronto, and various projects at work coming together asynchronously. And I got tenure. Tenure.

Anyway, one of the projects I've been working on has been a short public talk I'll be giving as part of the show "Aerodynamics of the Hovering Hummingbird: Science, Cinema, and Ways of Seeing". It's on Saturday, April 29, 8 pm at Millennium Film Workshop and is curated by Jennifer MacMillan and Bradley Eros. Please come and check it out -- I saw a previous evening Jennifer curated and it was really fun and interesting.

My talk is called "Visions in Collisions", and will be a few reflections on the ways particle and nuclear physicists see both particles, and the underlying dynamics that created them. Think of us as trying to reconstruct a whole movie when we only have access to the last few frames.


Dick Thompson said...

Sincerest congratulations upon your tenure!

jmac said...

Yeah, P., congratulations! You didn't tell me about your tenure. And here I've been talking to you about s-cables . . . I'm so happy to hear this news. See you on Sat.!