Thursday, December 07, 2006

Both Sides Now (or, Tug of War?)

While you may not be able to see this for a few minutes (it's CPU load is too high!), anyone who has been following the great String Theory Debate of 2006, via the action and reaction to the Smolin and Woit books, might want to check out UCSB Professor Joe Polchinski's review of them. This is a 'web-only' enhanced version, with some very candid and informative footnotes. Having read Smolin's book recently, I am trying to apply a more skeptical eye to string theories claims, and especially their media hype. But this is science, folks, and there ain't no science without arguing (and sometimes the down-and-dirty, ad hominem type, but that's not here -- you'll have to poke around Lubos Motl's blog and comments on other blogs for that!)


Kea said...

Nice graphic. Unfortunately the comment thread on the CV Polchinski post is meandering about, and is rather dull.

rick said...