Friday, June 22, 2007

New CERN Schedule

Look what's in on the tubes:
Geneva, 22 June 2006. Speaking at the 142nd session of the CERN1 Council today, the Organization’s Director General Robert Aymar announced that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will start up in May 2008, taking the first steps towards studying physics at a new high-energy frontier. A low-energy run originally scheduled for this year has been dropped as the result of a number of minor delays accumulated over the final months of LHC installation and commissioning, coupled with the failure in March of a pressure test in one of the machine’s components.
Useful information for the next couple of years of travel planning...But should we be concerned that the CERN press office doesn't know it's 2007?

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Moridura said...

I had high hopes that when CERN switched on the LHC in November of this year, they would inadvertently create a black hole, thus increasing the sales of my book, 'The Ancient Order of Moridura' (with a related theme of a nascent singularity created by a meteorite impact in Extremadura).

But then I realised that the extinction of the planet - and probably the solar system - would prevent me from collecting my royalties. Life can be unfair sometimes!

However, doomsday has been postponed until April/May of 2008 because of problems with magnets.

The Higgs boson must be chuckling quietly in interstellar space, its anonymity preserved for a little longer.


Peter Curran
Edinburgh, Scotland