Thursday, August 30, 2007


NCIL Visit to BNL (8/29/07)
This was a funny surprise. K's friend Michelle emailed her the other day to say that she was taking a tour of BNL the next day, without much information beyond that. I managed to catch up with the bunch of them at the cafeteria and learned about the Nomadic Center for Institutionless Learning, which was
formed by a group of people interested in furthering their education beyond the traditional institutions of higher education. We are dedicated to establishing alternatives to bureaucracy, hierarchy and student loans. Education can and should be free!
The group (in this case a group of Brooklyn artists) decided one day that they wanted to know more about particle physics, got online, found that they had a huge nuclear and particle physics lab in their backyard, and voila had a tour set up by the lab, hosted by Elaine Lowenstein with tours of the various BNL facilities. My group leader even showed them around STAR and a bit of RHIC. For those readers in the NY area: BNL is clearly ready and willing to show people around -- take advantage of it!

NCIL Visit to BNL (8/29/07)NCIL Visit to BNL (8/29/07)


stefan said...

Dear Peter,

Nomadic Center for Institutionless Learning

that's a fascinating idea! It sounds a bit anarchic, but extremely interesting.

And there are indeed many cool things to see and learn at RHIC!

Best regards, Stefan

AndrewJohnson said...
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Flemming said...

Hi Peter, and folks from the NCIL. I just like to state I enjoyed showing you around RHIC and STAR. It's is a very nice feedback when all of of you visiting ask probing and interesting questions and clearly show a desire to learn more, and challenge us who presents what we are doing.