Monday, September 17, 2007


Man, a blogger can't catch a break these days. I write a piece on the US-LHC site on my concerns about reporting unsubstantiated information from other blogs, and I get *slammed* in the comments to Peter Woit's blog:
I definitely think Steinberg’s statement (which I saw too) is overly restrictive if he means that they won’t even talk about the most recent hardware status, which is public info. Hopefully his/their self-imposed restrictions will not reduce them to just posting what they had for lunch.
Of course I'll blog about public information: just not anonymous interpretations of that info. And I will never report on what I had to lunch at BNL. I'll let Nayyarson's website do that for me.


Corey said...
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Corey said...

You are allowed to blog about what you had for lunch during the 2001 Quark Matter at Stony Brook, however.

While at a wedding in Frankfurt, I met someone else who had been there, and this was of course a topic of discussion... followed quickly by a comparison to the lunch at the 2002 Quark Matter at Nantes.