Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quark Matter in the News

Forgot to mention this one: during the conference the local paper in Jaipur dropped by to report on Quark Matter 2008. That said, no idea what they were saying about us. Aliens descend on Jaipur? A hint may be found in some of the English language coverage here and here.


Anonymous said...

You were here in India!! I am convinced physicists are globe trotters. I envy that :)

Corey said...

Well, it's probably just Hindi -- you shouldn't have any trouble getting it translated in NYC! ;)

Anonymous said...

It does sound like Hindi - though it might be a closely related language for all I know.

I will translate just the titles that are legible
"In the Quark Matter-2008, 20th International conference, Scientists from India and abroad discussed various aspects of quark matter."
Titles below the Photograph
"(We) can understand the constituents of Neutron Stars"
"Cultural Programme"
"A Trip around Jaipur Today"
"The Highlights"(Literally "What were the important things that happened ?")
"(Some adjective I cannot decipher) discussion of science"