Friday, February 20, 2009

The Invisible Tower

Our apartment is just a few blocks from Madison Square park and can even see the Met Life Tower from the window. I also happen to drive down 23rd St whenever I head to the Midtown Tunnel to get the Brookhaven (a rare event these days, now that I take the LIRR more often). I find the tower a magical structure, particularly when I try and imagine just how huge the clock face must be.

And, something I stumbled on a few months ago completely blew me away. This one is about the Met Life North Building, something not as noticable in the shadow of the gorgeous 770 foot tower. Turns out that it was the base for a planned 100 story skyscraper, but the crash of 1929, um, "descoped" the project a bit. Who knew? But now every time I drive by, I find myself wanting to see the real tower, and not just this beast.

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