Monday, March 30, 2009

Quark Matter 2009: Dispatches

So I'm in Knoxville for the week, with 500 colleagues (it should have been about 550, but the DNS decided not to get their act together and forced quite a few speakers to stay home -- more on that later). The conference is called "Quark Matter 2009", and is the 21st in a series that began in the early 1980's. This time the folks at Oak Ridge took the reins, and we're in for a busy week.

I particularly like the poster this time out: the Great Smoky Mountains, Helvetica everywhere, and the central cluster of stars from the Tennessee state flag, which iconographically refers to the three quarks in the proton, but really refers to the three regions of Tennessee. It's pretty neat that the flag even has a Sol Lewitt style set of instructions associated with it:

An oblong flag or banner in length one and two thirds times its width, the large or principal field of same to be of color red, but said flag or banner ending at its free or outer end in a perpendicular bar of blue, of uniform width, running from side to side; that is to say, from top to bottom of said flag or banner, and separated from the red field by a narrow margin or stripe of white of uniform width; the width of the white stripe to be one-fifth that of the blue bar; and the total width of the bar and stripe together to be equal to one-eighth of the width of the flag.

In the center of the red field shall be a smaller circular field of blue, separated from the surrounding red field by a circular margin or stripe of white of uniform width and of the same width as the straight margin or stripe first mentioned. The breadth or diameter of the circular blue field, exclusive of the white margin, shall be equal to one-half of the width of the flag. Inside the circular blue field shall be three five-pointed stars of white distributed at equal intervals around a point, the center of the blue field and of such size and arrangement that one point of each star shall approach as closely as practicable without actually touching one point of each of the other two around the center point of the field; and the two outer points of each star shall approach as nearly as practicable without actually touching the periphery of the blue field. The arrangement of the three stars shall be such that the centers of no two stars shall be in a line parallel to either the side or end of the flag, but intermediate between same; and the highest star shall be the one nearest the upper confined corner of the flag.

Anyone want to try this without peeking?

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inspector said...

Pete ,
I emailed you at the only address i could find , I have over 300 pics from the past that are direct copies from LHC , and have been working on a book for 12 yrs , id like to show them to you ,.What most dont know is that this infro has been around since the creation of man, read the story of Babel , it wasnt a tower they were building , if it was there would be no sky scrapers , they were and i can shown you hard core evidence that it was a something along the lines of a machine not unlike yours as the pics they have , match your machine almost perfectly , And God said " Let us go down and see what man is doing"
and it goes on to say that when he saw this , he said , " let us confuse mans language " this was done to stop the project . Then God said "From this day forth , all things are possible with man'
This is not the first time in the history of the world that yur prodject has been tried , just remember , TOHU AVOHU , its Phonecian -hebrew ,
Id like to speak or email you with evidence from my book,
Sincerly William,