Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I must start writing again

Some of my favorite tweets from the last few days, translated into English.
  • "The Rorschach debate almost seems like a Rorschach test itself (so download 'em while you can! )": in other words, the very reaction to the "exposure" of the Rorschach blots raises many of the ambiguities (i.e. issues) people have about the efficacy of the method. There's clearly as much interpretation in the handling of the responses, as the subject has in giving them in the first place.
  • "unreal - RT @Naunihal: Please make it stop! RT @SlateBoston cop suspended for calling Skip Gates racial slur in email": My friend Naunihal forwarded me this link to a Boston Globe article, originally posted by Slate this afternoon. Can this really be happening? Yes, it can.
  • "Hertzberg recommending movies? @newyorkerdotcom-mers using blogs to expand purview, i guess. worked on me, anyway": In my naive understanding of the New Yorker hierarchy, it's Lane and Denby who make us want to watch movies, and Hertzberg who leads off the Talk of the Town, typically with astute commentary on our leading political figures. But through those pesky blogs, it's Hertzberg who's recommending movies (Apatow's Funny People), and I'll be damned if he doesn't make me want to see it even more than I did before.
I will start writing again, I promise -- but tweeting is. so. easy...


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