Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gonna Sit Right Down and Write [Appropriators] A Letter

As I should have mentioned previously, this year's RHIC run depends crucially on legislative action to get us over the funding "hole" incurred by the inaction of the new Congress to pass a budget. There are several letters going around Congress, where the representatives and senators are being asked to support increases of funding to the DOE Office of Science and the National Science foundation. The current status of the letters is here, as posted on the AIP FYI web site. I and many of my colleagues participated in this process by writing letters to our local Congressmen asking them to sign this.

Apparently, the House will be considering legislation to finish up the 2007 budget process (good thing too, considering we're already 4 months into FY07!). Here's hoping they get the job done this time.


Viscous Guy said...

Dear Peter,

What does the passed ``continuing
resolution'' mean for us at RHIC.

Are entropy bounds not enough?


Peter said...

i don't believe it is formally a continuing resolution anymore, but an actual budget bill. and if the numbers hold, then there will be a RHIC run this year, starting soon.