Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Entertaining Science vs. the Super Bowl

Yes, despite being a longtime Chicagoan, I missed more than half of the Superbowl by attending Roald Hoffman's "Entertaining Science" series on Sunday evening at the Cornelia Street Cafe down in Greenwich Village. And while I felt more than a little twinge of traitorious guilt, I really enjoyed the talk (on organic chemistry, no less) by Karl Anker Jørgensen of Aarhus. The theme of the last couple of programs has been the role of "mirror molecules", and I never cease to be surprised by the wildly different functions of chiral molecules (e.g. peppermint vs. caraway) and their benign and malign effects on biological processes (e.g. sugar substitutes vs. thalodomide). Next program is Sunday, March 4 -- see you there.

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