Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Science Creative Quarterly

My god, a McSweeney's for creative science types. With knots and badges for Science Scouts, no less. I guess I qualify for Badge #6 ("The 'I blog about science' badge") and Badge #32 ("The 'I've done science with no concievable practical application' badge") and maybe #23 ("The 'I work with way too much radioactivity, and yet still no discernable superpowers yet' badge"). Do I qualify for Eagle Science Scout yet? Heck, I never even made it to cub scout meetings when I was a kiddo in the 70's. Too bad, as I'd surely invalidate SCQ's recent Valentine's Day Hypothesis #1 "All we need is love".

The project looks neat. Thanks to the intermittently-posting Collision Detection for pointing to it. Clive also points to this outrageous video of a glowing giant squid. Glowing. Giant. Squid. Egads.

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