Tuesday, April 10, 2007


A few weeks ago, I mentioned the new "RHIC News" which
is already on its third issue. And this one is special, since yours truly has contributed a piece on the BNL involvement in the ATLAS heavy ion program. I was hoping to make the case that the LHC will be a natural, and essential, next step for the science we have been doing at RHIC (and at lower-energy facilities at CERN and BNL). Even better, all of the LHC detectors will be able to make contributions to this scientific effort, when the machine collides ions sometime in the next few years.

Now if only they could get those magnets sorted out...


Anonymous said...

This is Kate McGlashan--I used to be Kate McNichols before I married the person immediately above me in the Old Campus. I just Googled you because Kurt Vonnegut died and I always figured you were in my karrass (from Cat's Cradle), due to your ubiquity in the late eighties-early nineties, although now I'm not so sure since I haven't seen you since I left Boston. I also assumed you were un-Googleable since there have got to be more than a few Pete Steinbergs, but your blog was the first hit. Admittedly, I can't make heads or tails of it. But you seem to be doing very well!
I'm in Berkeley, so if you ever come to the nuclear labs here, we'll have you over for dinner.
OK, gotta go breastfeed my younger. I do see Andrew McL. occasionally as he's at Google, dominating the world, of course.
All the best!

Peter said...

Kate! great to hear from you, but how do i find you? google me and drop me an email if you get a chance...

Dave Blackstone said...

Peter Hi
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Any way, this is a test to see if you post .Your friend
Dave Blackstone Esq.
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