Friday, May 04, 2007

The Nano Soda Bottle

Bizarre follow up to my post yesterday about the BNL scientists who have submitted a spintronics patent: This morning just before 9am, I (Steinberg) received this email:
Dear Mr Zalizyak

I have just read an article about your nano electron and the spin like double magnetic field.

I have already applied for patent on such technology and further I have used the concept and the technology for production of electricity.

I think you will find a very great areas of collaboration and conflict of patent.

My application for overall claim has been published , so I am sure we will create conflict of interest.

I produce nano materials in layers in SP3 multiplayer in a cola bottle in room temperature and atmospheric condition.

I am sure if you provided us with your patent claim number we will have covered this.

My claim goes back to October 2005.

Please contact me, that we can rectify the matter otherwise we have to take steps that you can not issue licences.

Best regards

M T Keshe
from someone whose address reads "c de roose (fb855828@******.be)" (I'll block out part of the email so as to not attract the robot again...). So "Mr. de Roose" sends a mail for "Mr. Keshe" (Ms.?)? Spin-like double magnetic field to produce electricity in a soda bottle? Looks/sounds like a scam to me. Anyone seen this kind of thing before?


Kumaran said...

Oh I can assure you Keshe is a total fraud. It's just another scam. Almost got caught to it. His science is total garbage. I get frustrated with people like him. Making unsubstantiated claims with no proof to back it.

crankesh said...


Scientist --- NOOO!
Engineer -- not that either,
Businessman --- Yes, selling LIES!

Joseph said...

Very true crankesh this guy is selling lies. He is planning to start promoting his scam on American talk radio and sell his fake tickets to the demonstration and to space and the moon.

Joseph said...

He plans to start selling kits to a fake generator that supposedly extracts CO2 from the atmosphere to produce power and produces solid CO2 which is scientifically impossible. He plans to sell kits of the generator. He might as well be selling suicide bomber kits. This is a way to make money without legal troubles. You cant sue Keshe if you buy the kit and it dosent work. You can only sue him if he produces the generator and sells it then if it dosent work he can be sued. Dont buy the Keshe terrorists suicide kit.