Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Physics of Art Business

Sometimes one wonders why physicists tend to be prime candidates for banks and consulting firms. Then one sees a case like Paul So, a prof at George Mason University, outside of Washington DC.
So, currently on a sabbatical, bought the building at 1353 U Street NW, next to the Republic Gardens, last year for $1.3 million. It is his dream to provide a space and program for art students so they can learn the business side of art, like how to write grants and how to market their work. Those selected would get two-year fellowships that would also include lectures and seminars by local educators, gallery owners and artists, So said. He likens his idea to getting a post-doc in art...He will add office space for rent upstairs, and a couple of condos. That way, he said, he can afford to run the gallery and nonprofit group.
A physicist wants to show his paintings and support local artists. So he buys a building to create a self-sustaining nonprofit gallery. That's why. Awesome.

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Corey said...

Wait.. that's why they're top candidates or that's why they want money?

And how does a physics professor have time to do any of this??