Monday, October 23, 2006

Boy in the Bubble

Yow, way behind on blogging again. Not that I haven't been up to anything, but it would take me all day just to recap the last couple of weeks. Suffice it to say that I've done a few things I've never done before: bike 60 miles, get engaged, and go to Nashville, where I am now. I can tell you which one was my favorite, and staying here in a bubble is not one of them! I am attending the meeting of the "Topical Group on Hadron Physics", where I gave a talk yesterday, but I'm heading home tomorrow to get back to my real life. It's hard to explain the effect of living inside a huge (63 acre) hotel where you can walk for 15-20 minutes (which I often had to just to change sessions) without ever going outside. It's apparently the closest to a Vegas hotel you can get without actually hitting the casinos (I've never been to Vegas so I have to take the world's word for this).

Anyway, Nashville itself is pretty neat: the honkytonks really look and act like I hoped. Stay tuned for photos.

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jmac said...

The title of your talk is so awesome! I also really loved the Wikipedia reference to "perfect fluid." Nice figures!!!