Saturday, January 07, 2006

Spiral Scratch (Diplo @ Guggenheim)

Sometimes chance throws you a bone. During the dinner after PAC meeting in November (existential nihilism, anyone?), one of my colleague's wives was raving about the RUSSIA! exhibit at the Guggenheim museum this season. A few days later, slightly hungover (did I just admit that?), I found myself watching the NY Marathon, ambling over to the Gugg, and becoming a member in the hopes of forcing myself back there later.

Little did I know that I was just in time for one of the more fun events I've ever attended in NYC: the First Fridays event celebrating the close of RUSSIA! with Diplo running DJ set until 1am. The line ran around the block even at 10pm, but membership has its privileges (totally kidding, folks, but this was my good luck for the evening having become a member for a totally unrelated reason...) Really neat seeing all of the art (amazing) with a huge crowd on the ground floor, and lots of others hanging over the walls of the ascending spiral. And the DJ set was excellent, especially seen from directly above (see the photos...)

Naturally, I took a lot of photos. Have a look at my Flickr set!

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